The Kangamiut Group strives for an open corporate culture where everyone can come forward freely and report suspected irregularities or illegalities concerning Kangamiut Group employees, management, board of directors and other stakeholders.

Employees will often be the first to detect irregularities or fraudulent behavior. However, some may be reluctant to go ahead with their suspicions. Recognizing this, the Kangamiut Group has chosen to set up a whistleblower scheme where all employees anonymously can report violations or omissions in relation to legislation as well as other serious and sensitive matters.

The report should be based on knowledge or reasonable suspicion of serious offences or other serious circumstances or suspicions thereof, and as such be limited to:

  • Serious and/or criminal offences such as theft, embezzlement, fraud, bribery, corruption, accounting fraud/manipulation, improper use of assets, misuse of financial resources
  • Serious issues relating to discrimination, violence, assault and harassment
  • Serious violation of internal guidelines (serious infringement is defined as systematic, repeated and material violation of internal guidelines, procedures or policies)

All information is treated confidentially and with full discretion.

The whistleblower scheme is a supplement to the group’s direct and daily communication concerning errors, unsatisfactory conditions, etc. Problems should therefore be addressed in the first instance by contacting, the immediate manager, the CEO, or group management.

For additional information, please refer to our Whistleblower policy.

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