Read about Gabi’s experience with Kangamiut’s educational entry level program

Gabi joined Kangamiut Seafood straight after obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in International Business Communication. A tailormade two-year educational program was designed for Gabi to obtain a broad knowledge foundation within our key business areas as a basis for further specialization. Thanks to her motivation, language skills and eagerness to learn, Gabi was quickly fast tracked towards specializing in sales, and today Gabi handles international sales and procurement. 

According to Gabi, the transition from university to her first job was a big step and associated with doubts on whether she would be able to perform in her new job. Her doubts, however, quickly vanished as she felt welcomed and well supervised in her job, gradually taking on more responsibilities at just the right pace. 

When asked what she appreciates the most in her job, Gabi mentions

  • the interaction with customers around the world 
  • putting her language and communication skills to work
  • the opportunity for continued education; formal and on-the-job
  • the high level of independence and freedom to manage her own time

Lastly, Gabi points out that the social interaction with her colleagues and the informal, family-like atmosphere in the Kangamiut Group provide the perfect condition for her to thrive in her job.