Kangamiut Green Land launches ambitious afforestation project

As part of our ambition to address our environmental and carbon footprint, we are thrilled to announce the Kangamiut Green Land acquisition of “Lykkensprøve”: 76 hectares of farmland that will serve as the basis for a large afforestation project.  

Lykkensprøve is located 10 km south-east of the Kangamiut Group headquarters in Dronninglund, Denmark.  


The afforestation project will serve three main purposes: 

  • Sequestration of atmospheric carbon dioxide by photosynthesis (binding of CO2 in the biomass of the trees) 
  • Establishing forest and small lakes to create habitats for plants and animals 
  • Offering a recreational area for locals and visitors to enjoy 


The project is carried out by ‘Skovdyrkerforeningen’ (link to information in Danish: https://www.skovdyrkerne.dk/nord-ost), and headed by our legendary forester Hans Christian Graversgaard whose vivid imagination and creativity will for certain not impose any limitations on this ambitious project. 


While the tree planting phase is set to take place over the course of three years, it will be only for the next generation of fish mongers and visitors to fully profit from this new piece of nature due to the inherent slow growing nature of the trees.